Where to go for help

In Northern Ireland to find your local Children and Adolescence Mental Health Service (CAMHS):

  • Speak to your GP or school who can refer to CAMHS
  • Search online for ‘Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services’ in your area – your local NHS trust website should have the details. Your child will still need to be referred by a professional.

If you are having trouble accessing CAMHS services for your child, and would like to discuss your concerns, please contact: www.youngminds.org.uk

In the Republic of Ireland to find mental health support:

Speak to your GP who can advise and recommend:

  • Counselling (These might include free, low cost or private options. If you are a medical card holder and over 18, he or she may refer you to counselling in primary care)
  • Medication
  • S.E. Psychology services. In some areas, psychology services are available through primary care. This means that you can access the service directly in those areas. Ask your G.P. or local health centre for more information. You can also find a psychologist and arrange a private appointment via www.psychologicalsociety.ie/find-a-psychologist/
  • Visit yourmentalhealth.ie for more information

Head Space Ireland, www.HeadSpaceIreland.ie is a website for young people who are inpatients of the mental health services. The website provides an online toolkit to help you:

  • Take part in the decisions made about you.
  • Through everything during your stay.
  • Make sure your rights are upheld.

Further information can be found at:

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Helpline www.autism.org.uk/enquiry  can be contacted for information about counselling and other therapies/interventions