Finding Employment

Finding employment can be difficult for everyone. Preparing the teenager with autism for the workplace is important.

Encourage part time jobs from early teenage years – developing the relevancy of working

  • Ask about work place mentors
  • Visit work places
  • Produce and continually add to a portfolio of skills – people respect talent, videos, scrap books, photo albums, PowerPoint presentations etc.
  • Sell the skills, sell the talents, sell the expertise, sell the work ethic – these should sell the person

“It’s important to get these autistic kids out and exposed to stuff. You’ve got to fill up the database.”  (Grandin T, 2010)

Quote taken from:

The National Autistic Society has created a useful handbook and website that may be useful – available from:

Another helpful website with lots of information on topics such as job tips and social skills and assessments to help the teenager with autism discover what activities / career’s they may like, is:

As with any transition, students must be prepared for going to work.

Some useful resources:

Books are another helpful resource:

  • Helping Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome Get and Stay Hired: Career coaching strategies for professionals and parents of adults on the Autism Spectrum by Barbara Bissonnette (2014) Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, UK
  • Autism All-Stars: How We Use Our Autism and Asperger Traits to Shine in Life, by Josie Santomauro (2011), Jessica Kinsley Publishers, London, UK

Other helpful tips include:

See Consideration for Interview (pptx) for more information and useful tips.