End of a Relationship

Teenagers with autism might need to know that sometimes teenage romantic relationships come to an end. Sometimes both people in a relationship agree to end it. Other times only one person decides to end the relationship.

When someone doesn’t want a relationship to end, they might feel confused, sad, lonely or angry. They might also feel like this if they wanted a romantic relationship with someone but the other person didn’t want one. Many people feel this way, irrespective of a diagnosis of autism.

Offer support by encouraging the teenager with autism to:

  • Spend time with other friends and family
  • Do things they enjoys
  • Talk about what happened and how they are feeling
  • Express how they are feeling using writing, art materials, any way the young person feels comfortable
  • Explain that getting angry, shouting at the other person, sending angry emails or text messages, or posting rude things on social networking sites is not a good idea and may only cause more pain and upset in the long term.