Healthy Relationships


Explaining good and bad signs in a relationship can help teenagers with autism develop healthy and safe romantic relationships.


An example of a healthy relationship:

Your “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”

  • Only asks you to do things that you feel safe and comfortable with
  • Is honest and doesn’t tell made-up stories to you about family members or peers
  • Listens to you as much as you listen to them
  • Doesn’t expect you to do everything that the person wants. For example, the person is happy if you want to do something different or go out by yourself or with other people
  • Supports you. For example, they say nice words to you and help you when you’re upset
  • Doesn’t tease or bully you or say things that make you feel bad

An example of an unhealthy relationship:

Your “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”

  • Doesn’t give you much attention or affection in return for your feelings
  • Says mean things that make you feel stupid or bad
  • Hurts your body, your private parts or your feelings about your body and private parts. For example, the person makes you do something that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t want you to meet friends and family
  • Bullies you

Characteristics of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships