General Classroom Strategies

Classroom structure and the visual strategies

It can be difficult for teachers to meet the diverse needs of all students. To ensure students with autism reach their potential within the classroom environment, teachers need to construct and maintain an environment where diversity is celebrated, inclusion is paramount, strengths are valued, areas of difficulty are recognised and all students are empowered.

The recommendation is that a whole school ethos of inclusion is created but teachers need to be afforded the necessary time, resources, training and professional development opportunities in order to meet their students’ needs.

It is important that everyone contributes to the success of the student. Many students will have resource hours, classroom assistants or special needs assistants for support, but the team must be using the same strategies to allow for successful maturation and achievement. The construction of such a powerful team is based on mutual respect and understanding of their roles and the appreciation that everyone shares the same goal.

The National Autistic Society have developed a useful document for school staff (see Autism – a resource pack for school staff).

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