School Leavers

The transition out of secondary school into volunteer work, employment or other educational settings needs planning and preparation to make the transition successful.

  • Plan for this transition by encouraging the teenager with autism to take part in social activities, extra-curricular activities and volunteer and paid work opportunities to help build new skills.

” Long before a student on the ASD spectrum graduates from either high school or college, they need to get work experience while they are still in school. The transition from school to employment should be gradual and not abrupt. I saw one student who graduated successfully from college and he had zero job skills. This is wrong. Teaching job skills should start before the student graduates.” Grandin, 2016

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  • Discuss what is going to happen:
    • On the lead up to leaving School
    • When leaving school
    • Immediately after leaving school
    • Long term plan after leaving school

Some teenagers with autism might leave school before finishing their studies because they can’t cope with the curriculum, academic expectations or the sensory environment. It may be useful to find out about:

  • Technical Colleges and Further Education Facilities
  • Vocational education and training
  • Supported services such as disabilities employment agencies