School to Further Education

Towards the end of the secondary school years, jobs, careers, training and apprenticeships, and university or further study will be on the agenda. Some teenagers are very focused on their next steps, but it’s also common for many teenagers not to know what they want to do.

Too much pressure to do well or make decisions can lead to stress, anxiety and other health problems for teenagers.

  • Encourage teenagers to have a balanced lifestyle that includes socialising, relaxation and recreation, as well as study. Options may need to be discussed with the student, many local leisure services will offer “taster” sessions.
  • It’s worth reminding all teenagers that these decisions aren’t forever. If a teenager doesn’t get into a particular job or course, there might be another opportunity to get in later through a different pathway.
  • Consider asking the Post Primary School if they are part of the School Partnership- Programme with the local Further Education College. As part of the School Partnership Programme, students from local schools attend the College to study a range of vocational and academic programmes. A growing number of schools are now engaged with Colleges in innovative and creative approaches to collaborative working.