Appropriate behaviour

Some teenagers with autism might have trouble understanding social rules or people’s words or body language and may respond inappropriately. Giving clear explanations of what is appropriate and what isn’t may be helpful e.g.:

  • Use pictures/ videos of how people might behave if they’re attracted to each other, likewise give examples of how people show they are not attracted or want to be left alone.
  • Teach the teenager about personal boundaries, private and public environments (No hands in my pants).
  • Parents and teenagers could make rules about what is ok in private environments e.g. Touching Myself
  • Knocking on doors before entering
  • Showering, going to the toilet and masturbation should be done in private (masturbation social story)
  • Touching myself: a story about male masturbation
  • Social Narrative Female Masturbation
  • Naked and Private Parts
  • Give the teenager examples and or visuals of where private environments are: (Power Card on Masturbation)
  • My bedroom with the door and the curtains closed.
  • The toilet with the door closed.
  • The shower with the bathroom door closed.
  • Parents could also put a ‘private’ sign on the private place in the house – e.g. bedroom. But do make sure that the teenager understands that if another room – for example, at school – says ‘private’ on it, it doesn’t mean that it’s a suitable place for masturbation.